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Installation of 3 Jamesway Dura-Chain Xtreme Scraper Units

Buschur Equipment Project


  • Jamesway Dura-Chain Xtreme Scraper


We Installed one Jamesway Dura-Chain Xtreme Scraper in a 568′ 6 Row sand bedded barn which scrapes all 4 alleys with one drive unit. The other 2 scrapers were installed in a 1068′ 6 Row sand bedded barn that drops into a center dump flume line. This barn includes reversible scrapers in the middle of each alley for additional cleaning and to help reduce the manure load on other V-Blades. These scrapers clean 1/3 of the alley closest to the flume line with each stroke. This allows that portion of the barn to be scraped twice as often.

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