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Calf Barn for 250 Calves

Buschur Equipment Project


  • Ventec Chimneys
  • Ventec ISO – Clear Panels
  • J&D Manufacturing LED Lights
  • Valco Flex Auger


This calf barn is designed to be self ventilating with out the use of fans. The chimneys contain a baffle to help regulate the temperature and air control. The ISO-Clear Panels are double gasketed to create an air gap when closed. The barn is also insulated. All of these together help to keep the barn cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The barn is setup to be able to raise the pens straight up when calves are weaned on a winching system. Once weaned, the calves feed out of a trough filled with a flex auger and drop tubes.

14648 Coates Road, St. Henry, Ohio 45883

Monday-Friday 8-4 pm
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