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Let us help you improve your cow comfort

by Jun 1, 2018Buschur Equipment Blog

Let us help you improve your cow comfort

June is Dairy month and here at Southwest Automation we strive for cow comfort. There are six key elements that attribute to cow comfort they are as follows: Water, Light, Air, Rest, Space and Feed. We have products dealing with each one of these essentials to help you advance in milk production and overall herd health.

Water: We provide Miraco Livestock Water Systems. The BigSpring 6400/6401 has a 90-gallon capacity, services 125 head of dairy cattle. Miraco’s BigSpring Waterer features a one-piece body polyethylene construction, has no sharp edges & it’s rugged construction stands up to livestock abuse. For smaller herds, the LilSpring 3200/3201 has a 25-gallon capacity and services 75 head dairy. Miraco Livestock Water Systems has numerous sizes to fit your herds needs.

Light: Cows need light with at least 6 hours of darkness. At Southwest Automation we provide J&D Manufacturing lighting. Increase milk production and reduce energy consumption with LED long day lighting. More light means better feeding and higher milk output. J&D carries LED High Bay and Low Bay as well as T8 and T5 lighting. Whether you are retrofitting or starting new, let J&D provide brilliant lighting to make your barn or building more efficient and comfortable for both you and your cows.

Air: In climates where humidity is high, the most effective method to cool a cow is by pressure soaking. Here at Southwest Automation, we design & install automated soaker systems. Soaking is most effective when fans are added. We provide J&D manufacturing barn fans of all shapes and sizes including Panel Fans, Galvanized Box Fans, Basket Fans, Drum Fans, Ceiling Fans, Pedestal Fans and Funnel Fans for both indoor and outdoor use. Our circulation fans range in size from 12″ basket fans to our 60″ CF60A Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

Rest: We provide Promat Pasture Mat’s, which is recommended for use in all free stall and tie stall systems to help position the cow and maintain a clean stall. The Pasture Mat mimics a natural pasture and requires minimal bedding.

Space: Try our EasyFix Stall Divider with Rubber loop, which provides a flexible frame work as compared to rigid metal loops, helping reduce cow injuries. The rubber loop aligns cows with available space and helps to stop turning in stalls. 4 color choices. If you want to see these already in use, please call us at 937-526-4040. We would be happy to schedule you a farm visit to see the EasyFix free stalls in use!

Feed: We carry Valmetal TMR Mixers-the widest range of TMR mixers in the world. Chain mixers, vertical mixers, four auger mixer, reel mixer, rotative mixer…! We have the TMR mixer that best fits your needs. To ensure that your herd has adequate feed supply in front at all times, get the Pro-Feed 2020 a self-propelled feed pusher. The unique concept of the auger is to push the silage or hay back to the animals in a fluffy way, thereby increasing odor & palatability.

Other: We carry J&D manufacturing’s Smart Cow Brush. Automated cow brushes do more than just scratch an itch they also increase circulation, remove filth and parasites as well as decrease boredom, stress and abnormal behaviors. All of which make for a healthier and happier cow. A happy healthy cow is a better producing cow.

In addition to Dairy, we can assist you in any agriculture, livestock, manure or equipment need. Call us today at 937-526-4040! Thanks-Todd, Patrick, Ryan

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